Busts and torsos are some of the most produced pieces at DecDecor.

Proudly 100 % manufactured in our own facilities, the options we offer our customers are endless, from morphology to finishes and even bases.

Customers can choose whether they prefer them with or without a head, with or without arms, and within the arm segment, whether in fiber or wood;

As for the finishes, there are a variety of solutions to further customise the item, such as natural fibre, painted or lined (linen, leather, denim, cotton, among others);

Finally, the choice of bases: metal, glass or wood; rectangular, square, tri-pod or with wheels; a huge range of options.

Natural fiber
This example of a natural fibre torso for a demanding customer who wanted something different and clean at the same time. A natural fibre finish with lots of details that make the customer’s piece unique when exhibited.

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