Our Services


We are able to repair any kind of damage and transform any kind of mannequin, bust, torso or complement. Your item will be as new, from restoration to painting.


Our design department is always looking for new tendencies in order to develop mew items, materials and finishes, with the aim to get you surprised.


Choose your favourite colour. Be bold!

We paint any kind of colour. Just tell us the pantone you want. We’ll do the rest. Metallic, shiny, matte, gold or silver, the range of options is unlimited. We also have a big range of fabric finishes. We can use linen, leather, or any synthetic fabric to cover your pieces.


Send us the Picture or sketch mannequin you need and we’ll create the prototype as you want it. We have a modular department to help you in all your issues to create the perfect item that will help your pieces to get sold out quickly. We do all kinds of molds, from heads to legs, mannequin bust and torso. Be Creative and let yourself be surprised by our work.

About Us

Our Mission: To continue to be the preferred supplier of mannequins and decoration accessories for clothes stores.

Positioning: Decdecor is a reference for the quality of service rendered and the relationships with their customers. It is the ideal company for those who value quality, quickness and professionalism in product delivery.

This policy is implemented with the participation, dedication, loyalty and effort of all employees from Decdecor, working every day toward continuous improvement, enhancement and personal development, thus ensuring a sustained growth of the enterprise.