Fully customised mannequin according to the customer’s brief


  • After meetings and the presentation of a simple sketch by the customer, we move on to creating a prototype until we reach the desired final product.
  • Once this stage – the most important and difficult to accomplish – is completed, we move on to creating molds, also at our premises, and only then to producing the number of pieces ordered.
  • Finally, we deliver the pieces idealized by the customer and manufactured by us to the shop or to the customer’s central warehouse, making their product shine in all their brand shops.

Did you know that...


We created a mannequin with the exact curves and measurements of a human model

Our 3D scanning process allows us to scan all of a model’s lines into specialized software, create the parts in the software and model them in CNC piece by piece, then create the respective moulds and finally move on to final production.

Each customer can obtain a mannequin or bust with specific measurements.

This service ensures greater exclusivity and differentiation of each mannequin for each customer.

Did you know that...


At DecDecor, customers can also benefit from conversion, repair and painting services.

For customers who are tired of their shop windows’ current image and determined to refresh their shops without having to buy new mannequins! At DecDecor, the ‘Old for New’ service has never made so much sense.

We transform fibreglass mannequins into lined mannequins with wooden arms; We transform mannequins into Torsos, We change mannequin heads;

And of course, the simplest: we repair and paint all the customer’s items in any matt or gloss colour.


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