Projects that 99% of companies would tell you weren’t even feasible in the first place.
We embrace challenges and make them happen.

With a lot of persistence, resilience, hard work and several unsuccessful experiments, we ended up where everyone wanted us to be!

Unique optics on the market, with our models highlighting the customer’s items in an exclusive way.

Where all the pieces were customized for their shops.

From the heads that hang loose or are placed on the mannequins, with stylized hair made to the customer’s liking, forearms and hands made of natural wood with the fingers lacquered in aluminium to create a greater contrast with the glasses’ temples that are displayed in the windows;

A family of mannequins dressed with a “hard dress” finish achieved through a mixture of demanding and time-consuming processes, but which create this unique effect in their shop windows.

There’s much more to see…

Do you have an idea?

We’ll find the right solution to highlight and enhance your product.



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