Welcome to M.Y.O, Make Your Own…

This is the way we want to treat our costumers!

From standard items, you can personalize your own mannequin and get a unique mannequin!

1. First step
2. Second step
3. Third step
4. Fourth step
5. Fifth step

Cherish it now in your stores and be proud of it.

Our company’s first concern is the customer.

That’s why we have created an animation to explain how easy it can be to personalise your own mannequin.

Not only can you send us a Picture of yours, in the position you want us to make a prototype, but you are also able to choose from the Decdecor positions available, as well as the head and arms you prefer and, by the end, the colour you like the most.

If it seems easy, that’s because it is! Be Creative and build your own mannequin!